We spoke to Matarr Njie, an Apprentice Engineer working for Balfour Beatty Vinci

Can you describe your role in a few words?

I can describe my role as very interesting. At the moment I am working on understanding procedures, methodologies, and engineering as a whole, whilst working collaboratively within an Integrated Project Team (IPT) – where a number of organisations within the supply chains, and with the client which in this case is HS2 LTD, work together to deliver the HS2 project . This approach means that decision around important things like value for money are made collaboratively in the best interest of the project, and mean that we leave a legacy behind for Britain.

What were you doing prior to your Apprenticeship?

I was gaining practical and technical experience in respect to geotechnics and geotechnical soil investigations whilst developing my knowledge, skills, and professional behaviours in Civil Engineering more generally.

What was your perception of the sector before you started your apprenticeship?

I had a perception of the rail and construction sector being very complications, and faced paced with demanding workloads. But it has been a positive experience and I feel well supported.

What interested you in joining Balfour Beatty Vinci?

The opportunities really – the company has years of experience and sustainable infrastructure, with a track record of projects constructed and delivered successfully within and outside of Europe. I knew that the company would have the technology and resources to support my learning within Civil Engineering, including around things like project management. I wanted to be a an Apprentice on HS2 – the biggest project in Europe!

What are the key things you’ve learnt so far in your job?

I have learnt a lot! I have gained a good appreciation of a Joint Venture programme – ncluding how supply chains are linked on big projects like HS2. Also, the purpose and benefits of Integrated Projects Teams – which are being pioneered by HS2.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

Waking up every day to a new set of skills and knowledge in relation to my profession as a Civil Engineer.

What would you like to do after completing your apprenticeship?

I’d like to achieve accredited qualifications and become a chartered Civil Engineer whilst seeking the opportunity to develop and progress within BBV.