The philosophy and project-based culture at Idom ensures that its UK team collaborates in international IDOM Group rail projects. For example, the team seeks to bring international expertise to the UK – being actively involved in railway innovation and research, which will provide new rail technology and designs that will benefit Britain’s railways, covering all the required specialisms including civil engineering, superstructure (track, electrification, signalling and comms), rolling stock, operational plans, maintenance and RAMS. One example is in relation to the challenge of viaduct design. The Almonte Viaduct Idom’s design, with a 384 metre span, uses a single octagonal arch that forks into two hexagonal legs creating structural efficiency, and features out-of-plane stability as per high-speed rail deflection limits requirements, while improved wind response are included in its design. Key features include structural efficiency as well as aesthetics; both of which are vital considering its environment. Sustainability of the bridge is one of the design’s key points and maintenance costs have been reduced, despite the fact it is of a singular design.