Our latest report High-Speed Rail and Scotland sets out how, through a mixture of new high speed lines and the upgrading of existing lines, joining the route to Scotland would enhance connectivity between the two nations by cutting travel time between London and Scotland to just over three hours; paving the way for a significant reduction of carbon emissions in line with the Scottish Government’s 2045 net zero target, and levelling up the north of England post Covid-19.

High-Speed Rail and Scotland shows that boosting capacity through linking with HS2 will ensure that the cities, towns and regions along the lines of route can grow and thrive at a time when they need it most, and deliver on the Government’s ambition to level up the country.

The report author Jim Steer commented:

As the UK begins to emerge from Covid-19, the focus on a green recovery is essential. Over the past two months we have all seen the positive impact on air quality and the environment. While we now focus on our economic recovery, we cannot lose sight of the carbon-cutting goals we have set ourselves. As transport is now the largest contributor to the UK’s emissions, the sector has a duty to act quickly and decisively to reduce them.

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