Reports such as the one released by the Wildlife Trust not only misrepresent the substantial environmental case for HS2, but figures contained within it make misleading claims as to what is actually happening on the ground. For example, the report asserts that 693 Classified Local Wildlife Sites are affected. In fact, the figure is 204.

We must look at environmental impact in its widest possible sense. To substantially reduce carbon emissions, rail must become the default long distance travel mode of choice. Only HS2 can deliver this modal shift.

HS2 is already surpassing carbon targets. Initial forecasts during the construction phase of the scheme show that carbon targets will be outperformed by 20-30%. Industry is committed to making HS2 the greenest infrastructure project the country has ever seen.

Urgent action is needed if we are to tackle the climate emergency. HS2 is integral to achieving net zero and must be completed in full.

See our report HS2: Towards a Zero Carbon Future