HSRIL members WSP are setting new standards for Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as well as skills, employment and education (SEE) across 11 active contracts comprising well over 1,000 people. WSP has worked collaboratively with the workforce and the supply chain to support HS2’s ambitious agenda, which has included the launch of a multi-cultural network, a ‘blind auditioning’ recruitment model and various actions aligned with the WISE (Women into Science and Engineering) campaign. Through a dedicated EDI and SEE manager, we have provided an integrated reporting suite that captures the protected characteristics of our employees and those of our supply chain working across HS2 – an innovation which has since been adopted by other contractors on this project.

Rail’s managing director, Darren Reed, and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) manager, Abi Frost, discuss how HS2 is helping the business and the industry tackle one of its most endemic challenges – you can read the full article here