We welcome the new research from Midlands Connect, which shows that 73 stations on the existing rail network stand to benefit from improved passenger services as a direct result of the capacity released by HS2.

Amongst the biggest winners from HS2 are the smaller towns and cities identified by today’s research from Midlands Connect. HSRIL have consistently made the case that dozens more towns and cities will benefit from HS2 than simply those on the line of route.

HS2 is the best way of tackling the capacity crunch on our railways, accommodating expanding commuter volumes, connecting our major cities and shifting a huge proportion of our international trade that uses containers; all whilst improving service punctuality and alleviating crowding on trains.

Failure to complete HS2 would let down every person in the 73 towns Midlands Connect has identified. There is no Plan B for solving the North- South divide.

The full report can be access from Midlands Connect here