We spoke to Ben Duncumb, a Demolition Apprentice working for Keltbray:

Can you describe your role in a few words?

I am learning new methods for demolition, including how things are done correctly and to high industry standards.

What were you doing prior to this?

Prior to my apprenticeship I was already working as a demolition operative.

What was your perception of the sector before you started your apprenticeship?

I knew what it was about because I was already working in the construction sector before I started my apprenticeship, but I was keen to learn more.

What interested you in joining Keltbray?

I heard they had really good training courses and good facilities to train at.

What are the top 3 things you’ve learnt so far in your job?

I knew most of what was expected in the sector having already worked in the industry, but the two things that are new to me are brook trying and slinging.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

It is really about demolishing using the right tools, and also learning new things all the time about demolition.

Do you think you will have the opportunity to work on HS2 in the future?

I am pleased to be working on HS2 already.

What would you like to do after completing your apprenticeship?

I would like to drive the brook or do the slinging.