The High Speed Rail Group hosted an event to consider the growing demand and market for international high speed rail, and lessons that can be learnt and applied in the UK context. The event brought together Dyan Crowther, CEO at HS1 LtdClive Roberts from the University of Birmingham and Mark Smith (the Man in Seat 61) to discuss the vital role that international HSR will play in helping the UK achieve net zero carbon emissions, bringing countries together, reshaping economic geographies and helping build and stimulate both regions and national cohesion.

Transport accounts for around a fifth of global carbon emissions, and as such decarbonisation of the sector is critical to net zero goals. The panel consider the required modal shift from road and aviation to electrified railways, including high speed rail, alongside the growth of national high speed networks, and the expansion of international connections which is making rail more attractive and providing an alternative to flying for long distances and intercountry travel. This event supports the publication of our International HSR Voices report.

You can watch the full session here.