The High Speed Rail Group is made up of companies with relevant experience and an interest in the successful delivery of high speed rail in Britain. Our objective is to promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of a high speed rail network in the UK, and we continue to make the case for the rail and infrastructure sector as high-quality places to work – by promoting best practice on employment, diversity, sustainability and wellbeing.

In 2020 we established a network – the High Speed Rail Apprentice Network – made up of apprentices and graduates from across our member companies – with two broad aims:

  1. To connect apprentices from across HS2 and its contractors, and the wider HSR industry – providing apprentices with opportunities for networking, meeting other apprentices and sharing experiences and best practice.
  2. To provide us with a network of young people working in the sector who can (with the appropriate support) speak on behalf of the group, provide content for our communications channels, and generally advocate for the rail sector as a great place to work.

Apprentices and graduates from across our membership are welcome to join. Please complete the HSR Apprenticeship network – pro forma for registration and send to